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About us
Paola Pierri
Paola Pierri - Pierri Philanthropy Advisory With over 25 years of experience in the banking industry, Paola Pierri concluded her career as General Director of UBM, the UniCredit Group's Investment Bank. After having long worked in the non-profit sector, in 2006 she was appointed Executive Director of the Unidea-UniCredit Foundation, where she worked on issues related to public health in the Sub-Saharan Africa and on projects of social inclusion in the countries of Eastern Europe. In 2009 Paola left the UniCredit Group to establish the Pierri Philanthropy Advisory and offer a full-time consulting and training service on philanthropy and social finance issues to enterprises, banks, family offices and foundations.
Chiara Piaggio
Chiara Piaggio - Pierri Philanthropy Advisory After graduating in Philosophy, Chiara Piaggio decided to specialize in anthropology and international development aid due to her strong interest in social sciences. Prior to joining Pierri Philanthropy Advisory, she developed several important collaborations in the cultural sector in France, firstly in the publishing industry and secondly at the Louvre Museum in Paris. She then decided to focus on issues related to the non-profit area, in particular on the management and evaluation methods employed in development projects as well as on ethics and effectiveness as related to the field of development aid. In 2010 Chiara concluded a long-lasting experience at the Unidea-UniCredit Foundation, where she had mainly worked on development in the African continent, to join Pierri Philanthropy Advisory as a philanthropic consultant. Her work mainly aims at promoting a modern and conscious philanthropy by developing its theoretical and operational models.