Advice on philanthropy - Pierri Philanthropy Advisory

Advice on philanthropy
What are the necessary steps
to start and manage
my philanthropic activities?
How can I combine
social goals
with personal
or economic interests?
How can I assess
the social impact
of my philanthropic activities?
Do I need to create a foundation
to start and manage
my philanthropic activities?
How to develop a long-term
strategic plan?
How to start a project?
Pierri Philanthropy Advisory provides its clients with useful support at every stage of the philanthropic process such as design, start-up, operational management, and succession planning.
It offers a customer-oriented approach in compliance with the requests, needs and specific features of each client.
The main consulting services provided by Pierri Philanthropy Advisory are:
  • presenting an overview of the various possibilities to those who intend to approach the philanthropy world;
  • providing long-term strategic plans based on customer's expectations and aimed at tackling real social needs;
  • developing operational strategies – planning, implementation, management, monitoring – for the development of philanthropic activities in line with the strategies undertaken;
  • identifying and designing specific evaluation methods to assess the quality, results and impact of the donations;
  • searching strategic alliances or partnerships with other philanthropic institutions, public bodies, non-profit organizations or specialized agencies;
  • conducting research and analysis on specific social issues, intervention models and best practices.