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Social economy consulting
When is it better to use traditional philanthropy and when is it better to use tools of social economy?
Who are the world's main players in social economy?
What are the main features and tools of social finance?
What is an impact fund?
How can I assess the social feedback and economic returns of my social investments?
In addition to traditional donation-based philanthropy, many other methods have long been used to foster development which consist in supporting economic activities through loans or capital investments in social enterprises: social venture capitals, impact funds, social impact bonds and other tools of social finance.
A social enterprise is any private enterprise focusing on the production and exchange of goods and services of common interest. These are business activities that work in the competitive market and pursue social objectives as well as economic interests. It must therefore be acknowledged that many enterprises do not exclusively focus on profit making. Social enterprises were born to meet the needs, which were unfulfilled by traditional enterprises, and also not properly tackled by public policies.
Pierri Philanthropy Advisory provides consulting and training services to those who are interested in the new possibilities offered by social economy or intend to work in this area, both in Italy and abroad.